The company "The Fifth Element" pays special attention to foreign economic activity in the field of export deliveries of petrochemical raw materials and varnish-and-paint products. Our company works with a number of Russian manufacturers. This enables us to provide a wide range and the desired amount of products supplied. The support of deals from the concluding contract to the control of the delivery of the goods, customs clearance and obtaining all necessary licenses is the guarantee of the timely fulfillment of our obligations!

The deliveries are carried out to Ukraine, the Republics of: Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

To find out more information, as well as ask questions about the assortment, quantity and availability of varnish-and-paint products, you can call: +7 (499) 390-78-38, +7 (499) 707-18-22, or write an e-mail:

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Export of products to the CIS countries, Baltic states and other countries


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